L'enquête proposée dans le cadre du 4e colloque du CIST a pour objectif d'identifier la place que la carte occupe, par rapport à d'autres outils, dans un processus de prise de décision relatif à l'action territoriale. Elle est ouverte à tous les participants du colloque et à l'ensemble des acteurs territoriaux qui souhaiteraient y prendre part.
The press pack and poster of the conference are available on the home page pf the website.
Registration to the conference -open until the 12th of March- allows you to participate in the photo competition (beware, it is open until the 1st of March only!).
You can register until the week before the conference. Early birds until the 10th of February 2018.
The call for papers is now closed. We thank the authors and co-authors who submitted the 175 proposals respecting our dreadful instructions! Proposals will be sent anonymously to two experts and the sessions animators, and results confronted during our scientific council mid-October 2017.
The call for papers is now open until 14 September 2017.
The call for papers will be open until 31 August 2017.
The call for sessions is now closed (as for 14 April 2017). 17 out of 31 proposed sessions have been selected; the call for papers will be published by mid-June, open until the end of August 2017
The call for sessions is open until Friday 14th of April 2017. Applications exclusively BY EMAIL (cf. "Call for sessions" thumbnail).
The 4th international conference of CIST will take place in Rouen on March 22nd and 23rd 2016. The call for sessions is soon to be published.
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