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9 – Territoriality and the European Union. Representing territories within the EU

Co-facilitators: Lydia LEBON (IRENEE) & Sylvia CALMES-BRUNET (CUREJ)

Representation can be defined as the visual model of something or as the idea of standing in for someone. In law, representation is polysemous. Representation in the context of the European Union is an ambitious study because of the interdisciplinary framework.

Several research topics could be considered.

First and foremost, the study can be the institutional and material representation of territories: the institutional aspects might be about the representative organs of territories, while the material aspect would be that of the development of tools to assess the territorial impacts of EU legislation.

Analysis might also focus on the perception of territory from a sociological point of view: it can be a negative or positive perception. For example, the migration situation in Europe conveyed a negative perception. Nevertheless, careful planning of migrant settlement could help to revive fragile territories.

Another aspect might focus on the conceptual perception of territory, especially within a cross-border construction (for instance, the digital territory).

Finally, one cannot forget the effects of the territorial reorganization that the EU is about to experience with Brexit: there is undoubtedly a need to reflect on changing relations within this territory following its reorganisation.


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Expected types of paper

Analytical contributions can be of a theoretical or practical nature, on the aspects mentioned above and related topics.

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