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After three conferences that have successively sought to define and lay the foundations for territorial sciences, to go beyond disciplinary frontiers and boundaries, namely through interdisciplinary collaboration, and to explore territorial social demand, the 4th CIST conference is aimed at mobilising the territorial sciences to address the question of representation. The conference’s objective is to use this approach and to determine its contribution to the analysis of territories from a theoretical, methodological and empirical point of view.

Derived from different disciplinary fields, particularly psychology, analyses of representations have spread throughout the human sciences and are used in a wide variety of contexts by geographers, sociologists, historians and specialists in the political and legal sciences. Both the concept of territory and that of representation, on account of their polysemy, provide the opportunity to bring together different topics, methods and disciplines.

The conference is open to every type of representation: concepts, ideas, frameworks, maps, texts, still or animated images, databases, and multimedia vectors used in the context of the construction, development and transformation of territories. Similarly, a wide variety of sources may be used: surveys, interviews, biographies, testimonies, legal, political and cultural documents, plans, programmes, projects or dreams, artistic productions, advertising, social or campaign materials, canonical works, transient footprints on social networks, etc. The most important aspect will be the possibility of using empirical material likely to provide useful input to scientific debates on the role of representations in the territorialisation of societies.

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